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Old-school advertising is no more. Traditional media is getting less attention. In 2020 alone, food orders through smartphones and mobile apps reached a $38 billion industry! So if you want to make it big, go digital!

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The dining experience is now leading on the list of most when looking for food or restaurants. And people are willing to spend more money on picturesque things that can be posted on their social media accounts.

What a better way to make use of that! Upload "instagrammable" photos of your different food menus in Eater.Menu. Update your digital menu and tell your customer, 'what's new?'

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Ever wonder how Amazon knows what their customers want to buy? Simple. The "search button" is the go-to of their customers when finding a product to buy.

The "menu" button in Eater.Menu operates the same way. It helps the customers find the food they want to order. From this alone, you can use it to your advantage! Get a peek at what your customers want, what to improve, and what to change with your online menu.

That's how powerful the "menu" button is! Get access to Eater.Menu now and learn the difference!

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They're hangry no more!

Remember that long queue of people just before the counter when ordering their food? As much as we want more customers, we want them satisfied and comfortable, not hungry and angry customers./p>

With contactless menus for restaurants, customers have an easier way to navigate within a list of food available in your store every day, even while on the go! You can also let them create a list of their favorites. And with more options to choose from, you give your customers the freedom to enjoy their food at the utmost.

All this with just one QR Code.

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Safely Conduct your business.

With the advent of COVID last year, safety is our foremost concern. From the owner to the staff and up to the customer, we advocate hygienic practices and contactless service.

The Eater.Menu offers a solution through creating a digital menu for a restaurant. The touchless menu assures your customer not only great food but safe, excellent service.

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Be omnipresent!

Your customers will always eat food and will always eat food for the rest of their lives. With Eater.Menu your customers wouldn't have to suffer looking at unappetizing fixed food menus they see in a restaurant brochure.

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Share and upload the most mouth-watering food you have on Eater.Menu. Be omnipresent! Remind your customers what's in store for them on the next meal!

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Just facts!

We provide commissions for selling our QR Code menu systems!

  • 97% of people read online reviews when choosing or buying online.
  • 85% of them trust online reviews.
  • A 5-star rating earns a business 39% more clicks.


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No experience in Photography or Marketing?

We at Eater.Menu understand where you are coming from. We've been there, too! And we're happy in giving you all the help you need.

We have a community of photographers, marketing consultants, and professionals dedicated to helping you grow your business.

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