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Eater.Menu is a digital marketing tool that offers various services to give opportunity to different restaurants to shine and unfold their unique dishes. It will help the business to maximize the use of technology and make the most of it. Eater.Menu includes touchless menu with the use of qr code where all the food that you offer and additional information that they want to know are one scan away! It is so easy and not time consuming so customers can reach you anytime and anywhere they want!

Other than that Eater.Menu wants to help you to achieve these things:

  • Give your customer a hassle-free and exceptional experience.
  • Give your restaurant a big upgrade and let it shine in the industry.
  • Reach more customers by letting them browse your digital menu without putting so much effort.


Sounds great right? Don’t worry it is not too good to be true.

The services offered by Eater.Menu doesn’t only limit on restaurants but it also cater hotels, café and other businesses in the industry wishing to have an upgrade or looking forward to show off what they’ve got. Expect more convenience since joining Eater.Menu also means learning the first step to stay ahead of your competitors.

Go touchless. Yet Visible.

Great food and best service need a larger following. Help your customers find you easily by creating QR codes for your store.

  • Digital menu for your restaurant, café, or hotel.
  • Increase your store’s visibility online.
  • Manage your store efficiently with proper analytics.
  • Flexible solutions for your growing business.

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About Eater.Menu

Contactless Menu

Create your digital menu online! Just one QR Code to view a variety of menus for your store. Through Eater.Menu, you can let your customers choose and order while on the go! Simply safe, and effective without the hassle of added physical interaction.

About Eater.Menu

Increase your online visibility

Showcase your best-seller cuisine to the whole world. Upload mouth-watering photos of your restaurant cuisines with your dynamic QR code for restaurant menu! Great food takes a larger following with vivid picturesque close-up shots. With different social media channels in Eater.Menu, you can connect with your customers online. Update them with new menus, and reward them the best offers!With Eater.Menu you can give them the VIP feels!

About Eater.Menu

Offer Variations with Flexible Menus

Winning new customers never comes easy. But with Eater.Menu, delight them by letting them choose the right combination of foodfrom different variations available from your store. Remember, a perfect combination leads to greater satisfaction!

About Eater.Menu

Throw those fixed menus away, Say Hello! to Eater.Menu!

Go for contactless interaction with your customers. Share with them the love you put into preparing their food. And entice them with vivid mouth-watering food menus on Eater.Menu.

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