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How to Create a Digital Food Menu?

Created on 19 March, 2024Getting Started • 51 views • 3 minutes read

Learn how to create a digital food menu effortlessly with step-by-step guidance from Explore our comprehensive tutorial to set up your menu, add categories and items, and enhance your restaurant's online presence.

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on creating your digital food menu using! Follow these detailed steps to effectively showcase your culinary offerings and attract more customers to your restaurant or food establishment:

Step 1: Create Digital Food Menu

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to your dashboard.
  2. Ensure you have previously created a food place or store as outlined in the "How to create your food place" guide.
  3. Choose the specific store for which you want to create a digital food menu by clicking on its name or title.
  4. Click on the "Create menu" button located at the bottom right corner of the webpage.
  5. Fill in the required menu details:
  • Menu URL: The web address where your digital menu will be accessible.
  • Menu name: Name your digital food menu.
  • Description: Provide a brief overview or description of your menu.
  • Cover Image: Upload an enticing cover image to represent your menu visually.

Once all details are entered, click the "Create" button to generate your first digital food menu.

Step 2: Add Menu Categories

  1. After creating the digital food menu, navigate to it and click on the "Create category" button.
  2. Enter the necessary details for the category, including:
  • Category URL: The web address for accessing this specific category.
  • Category name: Name of the menu category (e.g., Appetizers, Main Courses, Desserts).
  • Description: Provide a brief description to highlight the types of items included in this category.

Click the "Create" button to add the new food menu category.

Step 3: Add Food Menu Items

  1. Within each menu category, click on "Create Item" to add individual food menu items.
  2. Enter comprehensive details for each menu item, including:
  • URL alias: The web address for accessing this specific item.
  • Name: Name of the food item (e.g., Classic Cheeseburger, Spaghetti Carbonara).
  • Description: Short description highlighting key ingredients or flavors.
  • Specification: Additional details or special instructions for preparing the item.
  • Food Type: Specify if the item is vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or vegan.
  • Food Contains: Any allergen information for customers (e.g., Contains nuts, gluten-free).
  • Food Taste: Describe the taste profile of the item (e.g., Spicy, Sweet, Savory).
  • Other: Any additional information relevant to the item (e.g., Halal-certified, Dairy-free).
  • Image: Upload an appealing image of the food item to entice customers visually.
  • Price: Set the price for the item.

Once all details are provided, click the "Create Item" button to add the food menu item.

Optional Steps:

Add Food Item Extras: Include additional toppings, condiments, or sides that customers can add to their orders.

  • Click on the created Food Item and then select "Create Item extra."
  • Enter details such as the name, description, and price for each extra item.

Before creating item options and item variants, it's essential to enable these features for your digital food menu items. Here's how:

  1. Access Item Settings: After creating a new food menu item, navigate to the item you wish to customize.
  2. Enable Variants and Options: Click on the three-dot menu icon or the "Edit" option for the item. Within the item settings or editing interface, locate the option to enable variants and options.
  3. Save Changes: Once you've enabled variants and options, ensure to save your changes to activate these features for the respective item.

By enabling variants and options for your digital food menu items, you unlock the ability to offer customizable choices and variations to your customers, enhancing their dining experience and providing more flexibility in their orders. Remember to create item options before creating item variants, as options serve as the base choices from which variants can be derived.

Create Digital Food Menu Item Options: Allow customers to choose from different options or variations for the same menu item.

  • Click on the created Food Item, then select "Create Item Option."
  • Enter the name and specify different options (e.g., Size: Small, Medium, Large).

Create Digital Food Menu Item Variants: Offer variations of the same menu item with different ingredients, sizes, or preparation methods.

  • Click on the created Food Item, then select "Create Item Variant."
  • Select the item variant options and specify the price for each variant (e.g., Size: Regular, Large).

By following these steps, you can create a comprehensive and customizable digital food menu for your restaurant using Start showcasing your culinary creations and enticing customers today!