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How to Manage Orders Placed Through a Digital Food Menu?

Created on 19 March, 2024Getting Started • 38 views • 3 minutes read

Learn how to efficiently manage orders placed through a digital food menu on Follow these step-by-step instructions to access and update order information, ensuring seamless order management for your food place.

Are you ready to streamline your order management process for your food place's digital food menu? Follow these simple steps to efficiently manage orders and keep track of your customers' requests:

  1. Access Your Order Dashboard: Start by logging in to your account and navigating to the dashboard. Choose the specific store or food place for which you want to manage orders. You can access the orders either from the three dots dropdown list or by clicking on the store title and selecting the "Orders" option from the submenu.
  2. View Order Information: Once you're on the Order Dashboard, you'll see a comprehensive list of all the orders received for that particular store. Each order entry contains essential information such as the customer's name, phone number, ordered items, total price, payment method, payment status, order date, order type, and current order status.
  3. Update Order Status: To update or manage the status of an order, simply click on the order title or order number to view its detailed information. Here, you'll have the option to update the order status by clicking on the designated button provided below the order details.
  4. Ensure Seamless Order Management: Take advantage of's intuitive order management system to efficiently handle incoming orders. With the ability to view and update order statuses in real-time, you can ensure prompt processing and timely delivery of your customers' orders.

By following these straightforward steps, you can effectively manage orders placed through your digital food menu, providing your customers with a seamless ordering experience and optimizing your food place's operations.

Order Information

In the context of managing orders placed through a digital food menu, "Order type" refers to the different methods by which customers can place their orders. The three main order types are:

  1. On Premise: This order type is typically used when customers dine in at the restaurant or food place. It includes the process of ordering, preparing, and serving food directly to the customer's table.
  2. Takeaway: Takeaway orders are those that customers place to pick up their food from the restaurant or food place themselves. The customer orders the food, it is prepared by the restaurant, and then the customer collects it from the premises.
  3. Delivery: Delivery orders involve the restaurant or food place preparing the food and delivering it to the customer's specified location, such as their home or office.

Each order type may have different stages or statuses that indicate the progress of the order. The "Order status" refers to these different stages or states through which an order progresses. Here are the common order statuses for each order type:

  • Pending: The order has been received but has not yet been processed or confirmed.
  • Confirmed: The restaurant has confirmed the order and is preparing it for further action.
  • Ready for Pickup (Takeaway): The order is prepared and ready for the customer to pick up from the restaurant.
  • Out for Delivery (Delivery): The order has been prepared and is in transit to the customer's specified delivery location.
  • Served (On Premise): The ordered items have been served to the customer at their table.
  • Picked Up (Takeaway): The customer has collected their order from the restaurant.
  • Delivered (Delivery): The order has been successfully delivered to the customer's specified location.
  • Paid: Payment for the order has been received.
  • Completed: The entire order process, including preparation, delivery, or pickup, has been successfully completed.
  • Cancelled: The order has been cancelled by either the customer or the restaurant, and no further action will be taken on it.

These order types and statuses help streamline the order management process, ensuring that orders are processed efficiently and accurately, and customers receive their food in a timely manner.