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Legal Notice

Created on 15 February, 2024Legal • 49 views • 1 minutes read

Explore Eater.Menu's Legal Notice to understand your rights and responsibilities regarding data and materials usage. Discover our policies on dispute resolution, liability, links, and copyright for a harmonious online experience.

Welcome to Eater.Menu by Agochar Tech LLP! Delve into our Legal Policy for a comprehensive understanding of your rights and responsibilities regarding the use of data and materials impacting your privacy.

Dispute Resolution:

All user claims, whether contractual, related to website regulations, fraud, or negligence, are exclusively subject to arbitration. This private process, devoid of judges or juries, limits court review. An agreement between parties allows for decisions by one or more individuals after a fair hearing.

Liability for Contents and Limitation of Liability:

We assume liability for our posted contents, pledging swift removal of illegal content upon notification. However, we disclaim responsibility for user-posted content, downloaded materials, or copies on external sources affecting privacy or reputation. Within legal limits, we disclaim liability for indirect, incidental, or extraordinary damages, including data loss and loss of profits.

Liability for Links:

Our non-liability extends to third-party websites beyond Eater.Menu. We neither endorse nor vouch for content from external sites. The providers or administrators of linked websites bear sole responsibility for their content. Any illegal links on our site, once brought to our attention, will be promptly removed.


Materials and compilations on our site adhere to Indian copyright laws. Unauthorized reproduction, editing, distribution, or use beyond copyright scope requires author permission. Third-party copyright laws apply unless explicitly stated otherwise. Contributions by third parties are acknowledged, and any reported copyright violations will result in immediate content removal.

Your compliance with these terms ensures a harmonious experience on Eater.Menu. For any concerns or copyright-related issues, contact us at [email protected].